Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems and fire alarm systems are installed primarily to protect life and property from fire at an early stage. Our fire alarm systems can be commissioned to communicate with emergency services via an Alarm Receiving Centre for off-site monitoring. It is law for all Commercial and Industrial properties to have fully tested and operational fire alarm. Likewise, for any residential property - whether lived in or to be rented - must have a tested and operational fire alarm or any insurance policy is void!

Cosmic Security partners with its SP203 BAFE accredited partners so that we are able to offer fully vetted and certified fire detection, refuge, disabled toilet, staff attack or disabled call solutions for whatever your needs are!

Companies of every size and industry type have a responsibility to safeguard their employees and premises from fire – through prevention, containment, alarms and fire-fighting measures. We understand that each customer’s requirements and budget are different, and pride ourselves in offering the very best solution for your needs.

For businesses, Cosmic Security Fire Safety Management solutions enable businesses and organisations to take control of the obligations that fall out of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The reform aligns fire safety legislation with the need of modern businesses, seeking to ensure a thorough approach to fire safety without making it a burden on business.

Under the legislation, accountability for fire safety rests with the ‘responsible person’. A key part of discharging the duty of a responsible person is to perform a fire risk assessment. However, this person is unlikely to have expertise in assessing fire risks.

Our Fire Safety Management solutions enable those tasked with the role of responsible person to engage the services of competent persons, those professionally qualified and experienced in performing fire safety risk assessment.

This eliminates the uncertainty that often surrounds risk assessments made by responsible persons without expert fire safety skills, and who may lack the time and the inclination. Organisations, businesses and responsible persons obtain complete peace of mind by meeting their compliance obligations and by enjoying the assurance that fire safety is correctly provisioned.

Fire Management Services

Cosmic Fire Safety Management is a service-based solution ready to assist anyone in scope of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to help meet their obligations. Our friendly and flexible team ensures customers fully discharge their fire safety responsibilities.

This is an end-to end service that provides a complete solution tailored to the needs of each customer. Services include:
  • Consultation on any aspect of fire safety and the legislation
  • Performing fire risk assessments
  • Supplying and maintaining fire safety products
  • Providing fire safety training

Our fire risk assessment team consists of committed fire safety professionals with over 60 years’ collective experience. Training and experience gained during many years with the fire and rescue service means the team is highly motivated, having seen the often devastating aftermath of fire and its effect on people and business.

Our staff are all industry approved and are constantly assessed. Our engineers undertake regular refresher training and observes best practice enabling us to offer you the high standards of service required to provide excellence in Fire Safety Management.

Fire Services

Cosmic offers a range of systems from small conventional systems to large complex configurations. Our engineers have all the necessary knowledge and certification for the installation, commissioning and service for all manner of fire requirements. We offer the following:
  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • 24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Emergency Voice Communications & Disabled Refuge Call Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Disabled Toilet Alarms
  • Disabled Refuge/Fire Telephone Systems


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