Data & Network Infrastructure

Cosmic ICT services let you obtain access to the expertise you need to ensure computer networks remain safe. Whenever compliance, privacy and data protection are key considerations, we ensure networked security systems remain properly protected, reducing risk to the organisation as well as employees, site users and visitors.

However, the benefits of Cosmic ICT services extend far beyond this.

In the age of integrated IP CCTV and security systems Cosmic ICT services do more than just help with the important requirement of securing networks. We provide a full menu of services to support the use of technology across your organisation.

The Services

  • Free no obligation site survey
    Assessing your current setup and identifying ways to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Onsite or Remote support
    Dedicated engineers with advanced specialised skills for anyone who wants/needs it to provide sustained continuity.

  • Bespoke Network Installation
    Tailoring solutions to your specific needs, including the installation of the fundamental cables and equipment for network transmission.

  • Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Printers
    The supply and installation of quality Computers and peripherals for your home or business and training on how to use them.

  • ICT Suite Setup
    Renovating an existing ICT suite or transforming a space into something that can be the hub of IT at your business.

  • Audio Visual / Interactive screens
    Installation of interactive screens to enable video conferencing for, collaborate working and for resource sharing.

  • Data Security and Internet Services
    Our approach to data security gives you more operational insight, faster detection for spam and malware with real-time protection and better mitigation strategies.

  • Secure Cloud Backup
    Secure, UK-based data centres and cloud services that meet all certification to give you assurance your data is secure and well looked after.

  • Remote Desktop Access
    Enabling users access to applications and data on network remotely computer and securely from anywhere.

  • Web and App design
    We can create websites, help you manage and make the most of your existing website, we can help you turn your website into a marketing or commerce tool and we can help you create your own apps - or simply make the most of existing apps - to maximise revenue and improve your business as a whole.

    Ask us today about the website services we can offer you! We can offer marketing-leading service, at market-leading prices!

Summary of Cosmic Security ICT benefits

  • Comprehensive menu of services from which to build your ideal ICT support solution
  • Experienced team with expert knowledge from 1st to 3rd line
  • Enables value and increased benefits to be obtained from technology investment
  • Enabkes you to have a smoother, more efficient ICT
  • Support your internal ICT team by offloading support overflow

Take the first step to transforming ICT support today. Choose Cosmic for your ICT support solution.

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