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CCTV is a term that is fast becoming out-of-date. It stands for Closed Circuit Television and typically refers to old, Analogue solutions that were standalone, and provided very little other than flakey images. Modern IT technologies have helped to fundamentally revolutionise CCTV solutions and CCTV is no longer just a tool for security. CCTV is now made up of the same components as typically found it Digital Cameras and Broadcast solutions, IP Surveillance is now a more reflective term. IP systems can be applied for use within production areas, shipping tracking and management, quality control or to help monitor health and safety. Cosmic Security can offer the most competitively priced packages to suit your unique requirements without compromising on quality.

We cover the whole of the UK, including all of the major Towns and Cities. All of our Surveillance and Security systems are designed to the current British standards and guidelines, allowing us to secure and protect your investment. Our professional, friendly and honest approach means that our customers are happy and confident with the service that we provide.

Due to the modern technologies which make up IP Systems, images are now stored onto a PC Hard Drive (or SD Card) it is possible to store digital footage and access it speedily and easily using a Network (LAN/WAN, Wi-Fi) connection or remotely over broadband using a PC or Mobile Phone.

Each Camera input record rate (frames per second) can be individually programmable and you can search for data by means of event, location or time/date simply by the click of a button. Each PC connected upon an internal LAN connection can view the CCTV Cameras and retrieve data. Connections are password protected and logged for added security.

Thanks to improved technologies, IP CCTV is now considered one of the most effective and powerful tools to combat crime. The introduction of High Definition cameras means they can provide indisputable evidence for use in court.

The IP solutions that are now used for Security protection can also provide additional benefits to your organisation; including viewing potentially dangerous or hazardous areas for Health and Safety purposes or monitoring production line processes. Another example is automatic control of Car Parks or entry to site via Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR). The effectiveness of CCTV has been enhanced by the major developments in technology such as Video Analytics. Cosmic Security offer a wide range of systems and products to meet a broad type of problems and applications.

As part of a Surveillance System, Cosmic Security is able to offer the following solutions:

High Definition Surveillance

High definition CCTV systems are fitted with high-resolution lenses and sensors. High Definition cameras are now able to boast resolutions that exceed HD resolutions. We are now able to deploy 4K resolution solutions; the same cutting edge resolution you see in broadcasting! These help to record details of an incident with acute clarity. Where most ordinary cameras produce poor image quality, HD CCTV systems help in areas such as facial recognition and offer detailed descriptions of incidents in real time. HD cameras are also able to cover much wider areas than conventional cameras, it is commonplace to design HD solutions with up to half the number of cameras that a conventional system might have needed.

High Definition CCTV Cameras

Recording & Management

Since the adoption of IT technologies within CCTV, we are able to make use of IT platforms for storage and for system management. We are able to make use of the same Hard Drives that are typically found in PCs and Servers. This enables us to retain images for longer periods of time (typically 30 days or more) whilst being able to retain these images in real time (typically 25 images-per-second) or more! These improvements enable IP solutions to become necessary sources of evidence in court.

Access Control

Access Control systems play a vital role in preventing unauthorised entry by pedestrian or vehicular and may be easily controlled by programmable cards or key fobs. Access control is a valuable management tool in controlling and monitoring the movement of people within large buildings. They allow authorised access to areas of the building and deny access to those who have no need or right to be there. As is the case with CCTV, Access Control solutions are now primarily powered by IT technologies, which enables them to integrate with complimentary solutions such as CCTV, Intruder and Intercoms. This allows for a powerful and intelligent solution to be deployed.

Our Access Control systems are designed to be intuitive to use, and most functions can be performed easily and without training. Access Control solutions can be tweaked depending on whether a basic system is required, or one with more advanced features. The ability to customise these solutions, whilst maximising security, is part-and-parcel of the service you rceive from Cosmic Securiy.

Access Control Software


Intercoms behave in a similar way to phones. They enable to communicate locally with each other, via handsets (phones) or stations (typically wall mounted). The intercom systems of the past have little resemblance to their modern, technologically advanced counterparts. The intercom systems of today offer a diverse range of functionality designed to make living safer and easier. They also make use of modern infrastructure meaning a single network can house Access Control, CCTV and Intercoms together!

Modern intercoms are ever-increasingly built on IT technologies which enables them to integrate with other systems such as CCTV and Access Control. We are now able to talk to each other, see who we are talking to and know where they are and where they've been!

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a system that has been designed to recognise and read license plates of vehicles on the move. These specialised cameras can read number plates at both high and low speeds and send the images to data terminals which process the information as required.

The ANPR system significant advantage is that the system can keep an image record of the vehicle which is useful in order to fight crime and fraud (“an image is worth a thousand words”). An additional camera can focus on the driver face and save the image for security reasons. Additionally, this technology does not need any installation per car (such as in all the other technologies that require a transmitter added on each car or carried by the driver).

High Definition CCTV Cameras

Intruder Alarms

Cosmic Security specialises in the installation of Intruder Alarm Systems capable of multiple partitions and hundreds of zones, either hard0wired or wireless! Complete protection from a bells-only to a 24 hour Central Station Dual Path monitored system with police response. Our residential systems are partitioned to allow you to arm the downstairs of your home whilst allowing you to freely move around the first floor elevation. Our commercial systems can be multi-partitioned to allow various areas to be armed within the same premises and allow communal areas to remain unarmed until ready.

All our intruder detection systems are designed to meet the requirements of EN50131 and PD6662, The system are graded from 1 to 4 in relation to your premises.

Intruder Breaking in

Remote Monitoring

The adoption of IT technology within CCTV and Intruder systems enables these solutions to become open and they can now be accessed via the outside world (via LAN/WAN/Internet). We are able to initiate connectivity (via the Internet) to provide 24/7 monitoring of a solution. Off-site monitored systems allow your HD CCTV cameras to be viewed remotely from anywhere with a network connection or wireless signal. Used in a real time application off-site monitoring is an important tool for businesses that need to keep tabs on staff, customer interaction, or as a general overview of the workplace. Our monitoring station partner is a fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that conforms to the BS EN 8418 standard for CCTV and Intruder alarm receiving and actioning. We can confirm alarms/events on site are genuine, notify keyholders and get Police response as part of our automated procedures....24/7!

The Cloud

With IP CCTV now becoming more and more IT-based, we are able to make use of the latest services within the IT world. Such a service is The Cloud. In addition to local storage on-site, we can upload footage to dedicated storage servers which are hosted on the Internet and can be accessed from anywhere! Storing footage in the cloud adds another level of resilience to our systems as if anything were to happen on site to compromise the recording of your cameras (such as a break-in and theft of a recorder) we can record straight into the cloud and continue to monitor a premises. Recording can be constantly uploaded, or by using Video Analytics, we can upload images when incidents happen.

Mobile Access

IP CCTV is also compatible with mobile access, all manner of smartphone platforms have apps that can enable a user to connect to their systems to see what is going on. Cosmic Security can network your existing Internet Router for Remote CCTV Viewing via the Internet using a PC, Laptop or Mobile 3G/4G device.

Our current range of Analogue, HD DVR’s & IP NVR’s allow you to not only remotely monitor your CCTV Cameras, but also playback previous recordings, from anywhere in the world. Take Snapshots or Video Clips of the remote playback and email on to a third party all from your PC, Laptop or Mobile 3G/4G device.

Mobile CCTV Access

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